Contemporizing faith into praxis 

The Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI) is a students movement with Christian ethos which maintains a fellowship of students, teachers and senior friends with commitment to translate Christian Faith into action through contemporising faith in Jesus Christ by discerning critically the signs of times. Spread across 13 geographical regions, SCMI over the years has been inspiring several students across generations, regions and languages to participate in transforming the Church and society, has been nurturing the values of ecumenism, unity, peace & justice and has been in the mission of shaping young leaders with integrity and commitment. SCMI encourages inclusive partnership of all church traditions, people of all faiths, and varied social, economic and political expressions including other youth ecumenical organizations like YWCA, YMCA, AICUF etc. It is affiliated to the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), a student federation of several SCMs across the globe for mutual solidarity and networking. 

SCMI invites you to a wide scope of experiences through fellowship, group dynamics, and live-in experiences with marginalised communities; we offer you a wide range of learning through Biblical reflection, social analysis and cultural action. 


Are you looking for a fellowship that helps you to search for Christian faith, which relates to all aspects of life, taking up difficult and confusing questions you confront every day? 

It is our effort to provide you an open and enabling environment to support your search. We are students and senior friends come together as a community to understand our faith, our society, our vocation and ourselves. Student Christian Movement can help you to develop a faith perspective that will empower you to confront the surrounding realities.

SCMI is affiliated to the World Student Christian Federation, the oldest ecumenical student movement, founded in Vadstena, Sweden in 1895 moulded by the great evangelical awakening. The Federation grew with the emergence of national movements including the Indian SCM founded in 1912 at Serampore, Kolkata. SCMI has the history of generations of students who tried to discern their context and mission who strived to become genuine Christians in different walks of life.

SCMI has thirteen regions all over India covering nineteen states with rich and large cultural diversity. Local Unit is the main expression of the life of SCMI, where students try to articulate their faith response to the world. Local Units come together and constitute 'Region' helping each other to sustain the Regional specificities in study and action. SCMI brings the Regional SCMs together to evolve the student agenda and function as a National Movement.

The National Office of SCM of India and its Programme Centre is based in Bangalore. Students can make use of the Centre, which is equipped with a Library, facilities of conference hall and accommodation for upto sixty people.

AIKYATHA is the official journal of SCMI, exploring the implications of Christian faith for the student world. The SCMI Newsletters carries reports of activities at various levels of the Movement.The Bible Study Booklets are prepared to facilitate group studies in SCM units seeking the standpoint of the Gospel to the Challenges of the Times.




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